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Adult teeth are numbered, 1-32. Even if you are missing a tooth, that tooth is still referred to itself by the number. 
Wisdom teeth, for example, are tooth numbers 1, 16, 17, 32. Even if you have those teeth removed, they still retain their number.


Children's teeth, are labeled with letter, A-T. Children have 20 primary teeth.
Like adult teeth, even if  a specific tooth is missing, it still retains its name. 
O and P are generally the first teeth children will lose. The tooth fairy will be visiting your home 20 times!
Primary teeth/baby teeth serve an important purpose. They allow a child to chew properly and they are necessary to assist children with their speech. They also maintain proper spacing for the adult teeth to come in.  
Remember to brush at least 2x per day for 2 minutes. Start early with your children to establish healthy positive hygiene habits!


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